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The party was always the same. Big dresses, men in fine tailored suits, rich food, bountiful drink... It was opulent and glitzy, and Val sort of loved it. Sometimes they rented ballrooms or hotels, but this year his mother had chosen the family home, wanting to show off the restorations she'd had done, and take advantage of the decent weather that allowed their guests to explore the large and beautiful gardens.

He'd gotten a few curious looks from certain relatives when he'd turned up with Jag on his arm, but most of his family hardly batted a lash- And many were open and friendly, making a point of coming over and saying hello.

His mother, however, had been fairly illusive, so busy flitting about that she'd barely had time to wave hello. It was only now, when Val was wondering if  maybe it was time to start heading out, that she seemed to appear out of nowhere and came rushing over. Her hair was a perfect shade of silver, long and thick, but styled neatly into a loose bun. She was wearing a long and flowing evening gown, but her jewellery was simple, a necklace with a single Tahitian pearl, and a set of simple silver channel earrings.

"Oh, Valentine! Look at you," she smiled, cupping Val's face in her hands and smiling warmly. "You've cut your hair! It looks so smart. Still not sure about the eyeliner- Though I'm impressed you can get the waterline filled in so well," she chuckled, kissing his cheek and then taking a step back. "You didn't think you could escape without introducing me to your friend, did you?"

Val smiled, and almost blushed- Though he'd deny it if anyone suggested he had. "Date, actually. Mum, this is Jag, Jag this is my mother, Margaret Collingwood."

Margaret smiled brightly, offering her hand. "Lovely to meet you, Jag."

For Jag

Nov. 20th, 2015 09:36 am
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Their time together at his grandfather's had been lovely, and spent mostly in bed. Eventually, however, Val had been forced to return to work, and he was certain Jag would have to do the same.

"I've a lot going on in the next week, but I swear I'll call you the moment I've got it all under control," he'd promised- And he'd been true to his word, inviting Jag to join him for dinner the first chance he got.

He'd considered restaurants, but Jag wasn't much for being spoiled in Val's experience. He'd have gladly cooked a meal for the man himself, but he hadn't had a chance to pick up groceries, and they'd never be delivered on time... So he'd settled on a catered dinner at the museum. Nothing too posh, but a nice mix of South Korean cuisine that he hoped Jag would like. 

Meeting at the museum meant Val could work right up until the moment Jag arrived- Something he didn't find ideal, but was certainly necessary at the moment while they switched out several of the exhibits and went through various requests to lend out certain items.

"I'll leave the back door unlocked," he'd told Jag. "Just let yourself in, I'll likely hear you coming, but if i don't I'll just be in my office."


Nov. 12th, 2015 08:25 am
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continued from here

Val raised a brow at that, but only nodded as he led them all the way in.
The first room alone was huge, bigger than any flat in London, but there was no bed in sight- That was in a whole other room itself. The bathroom was also private and quite large, as was the walk in closet.

"The bedroom is, um, through those doors," he said, watching Jag as though he still wasn't certain the other man wouldn't panic or grow annoyed.
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His invitation to join him at his cousin Elliot's country estate for the weekend had been genuine, and not long after their dinner together, Hannibal had received a very posh looking card in the mail, with a date, directions, and a list of attire that would be needed for the weekend. From hunting to dinner dress, it was all laid out in beautiful calligraphy, and sealed with the wax seal the Collingwoods had been using for centuries.

The estate itself was grand and sprawling, a massive home centred between immaculate gardens and very dense and lush woods. There was nothing else for miles around, but the estate was never empty. At the moment it was filled with the younger Collingwood men and their guests, for what was intended to be a men's retreat before the coming months of more feminine socials and dinner parties. 

Val rarely smoked, but he was currently indulging in his cousin's pipe and imported tobacco as he lounged in the library. They were due to set out shortly to go on their first hunt, but Val had been doing this for so long that he knew there was no rush. No doubt by now second cousin Reginald would be throwing his first of many fits, while Elliot  tried to sooth him and calm him down. It was as much a tradition as the rest of the weekend really...

The door opened, and Val smiled as he looked over and saw Dr. Lecter.

"Ah, Hannibal. Avoiding the racket of Cousin Reginald's tantrum?" he asked with a soft laugh.

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from here

"I'll get you out of your head," Chris offered. "I'm very good at that."

The wolf was prowling, circling Chris like prey in his mind.

Stepping back, he smiled and began to unbutton his own shirt. "Tell me more. Tell me what else you like."


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